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CHome Visual Editor

Edit your Windows Mobile 6.5 skin visually.
CHome Visual Editor is a WPF based application. Use CHome Visual Editor, you can edit all kinds of CPR files for Windows Mobile 6.5. CPR file is a UI descriptor for Windows Mobile 6.5 today screen and lock screen, the implementation is very similar with XAML of WPF.

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Want to know how to use CVE? Go to Documentation.


This project is in beta version, and the source code will be avaliable when it hits final relaese.

Here are brief description of how to use CVE:
  1. Extract CVE to your PC.
  2. Create a "Windows" folder under CVE folder (it should be already there).
  3. Copy bronzeres.dll to "Windows" folder. (You can find bronzeres.dll from your PPC, or from BronzeDPI96/196 folder of your kitchen)
    1. CVE will extract image file form bronzeres.dll and placed in "Windows" folder when importing registry.
  4. Copy cmhomeres.dll.0409.mui to "Windows" folder, and rename it as cmhomeres.dll
    1. cmhomres.dll contains most of text of system build-in chome.
    2. 0409 is your location code.
    3. CVE will load text when importing registry.
  5. Edit configuration.xml to add mappings of your custom chome item.
    1. The mapping will enable CVE to take the mapped folder as "Windows" folder. And load corresponding image from that folder.
  6. Import registry from kitchen/SYS/CHome folder. Mostly it will named as: 8c58193c-f8ab-447a-af67-a5167df96529.rgu
    1. CVE will read the information as ElementMapping.xml specified:
    2. There may some missing mappings in ElementMapping.xml, you can add your own if you can read the xml file.

Mapping sample:
<directory name="\Windows">

Element mapping sample:
<item id="Clock" registryKey="CClock">
<item id="Icon" registryKey="ICONPATHS" />
<item id="Alarm" registryKey="chClock_alarm" />

Registry sample:

If you want to do localization of CVE, please download Lang.txt and translate it, then send it back to me.

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